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Automation Solutions Africa specialises in

bespoke engineering solutions suitable for Industrial, FMCG, logistics, mining and several other industries.

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Automation Solutions Africa (ASA) specialises in bespoke engineering solutions for the industrial, FMCG, logistics, engineering, and mining industries, amongst others.  Our professional services and solutions include computer-aided design (CAD), electrical drawings, custom electrical enclosures, jigging and tooling and custom builds to meet any customer requirement in any industry.

Our highly skilled manufacturing team have design solutions which easily integrate into your production environment without any interruption to your existing process flows, automating even the most challenging applications.

Our wide range of clients include most vehicle OEM’s (original equipment manufacturers), Fast Moving Consumer Goods, arms and munitions manufacturers, mining and aerospace, engineering, industrial and much more.

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For comprehensive examples and further information on our systems and solutions, please see our extensive gallery of pictures and videos.

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Our Clients

Our varied range of clients includes most vehicle OEM’s (Original Equipment Manufacturers), Fast Moving Consumer Goods, Arms and Munitions Manufacturers, Mining and Aerospace, Engineering, Industrial and much more.

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